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Concerning The Scajaquada Expressway.... Route 198, The Scajaquada Expressway is one of the most heavily used roads in Buffalo.
It provides safe efficient transportation to well over 30,000 drivers per day. One of the best features of Buffalo is our great highway network, and short commuting times, it is often said "20 minutes to anywhere"
The lowering of the speed limit on Route 198 was not done for safety, but simply politics. But, the 30 mph speed limit is only the beginning.
There was a terrible tragedy that occurred. But this could have happened on any roadway. This was used as an excuse. Unfortunately, it has been reported that the reason there were no guardrails where the tragedy happened was because the Olmstead Parks, and Delaware Park groups did not want guardrails for esthetic reasons. Guardrails would likely have prevented the tragedy.
At present, the plan is to add 8 traffic lights and a roundabout to the Scajaquada. This would destroy the efficient flow of traffic. The NYS Department Of Transporation says that it “should only add 3 minutes” per trip, but don’t believe them. How can 8 traffic lights add only 3 minutes?
The safest scenarios are to separate vehicles from bikes and pedestrians. Yet the plan merges cars, bikes and pedestrians, a less safe scenario. The plan also adds pedestrian crosswalks, also the least safe option. Yet, they say that this is being done for “safety”. It is a whitewash and poor irresponsible excuse.
The facts are that a small group of special interests, many of them bike riding groups and activist individuals, are pushing to destroy the Scajaquada. They are not the majority, but only a small group, however, they are the most vocal. It is a case of the “tail wagging the dog”. They are the prime driving force that is working to severely cripple safe fast efficient transportation. Do they speak for you?
Yet, to the special interests, even the proposed dysfunctional Department Of Transporation plan is not enough. They want the Scajaquada removed, changing it from an efficient roadway to a corridor that by their own quote is “primarily bike and pedestrian focused”.
The safest and most efficient form of a highway is a limited access divided highway. By design, these roads separate vehicles by direction of travel, and separate vehicular traffic from pedestrians and bikes.  Yet the proposed plans remove these safety features.
Reducing the functional efficiency of the Scajaquada will decrease safety by increasing vehicle, bike, pedestrian conflicts. This is the hypocrisy and irony of a plan that is touted to increase safety.
Reducing the functional efficiency of the Scajaquada will force more vehicles onto residential streets, decreasing safety, decreasing the quality of residential neighborhoods, and decreasing the quality of neighborhood life
Reducing the functional efficiency of the Scajaquada will waste millions of hours of travelers time and productivity. Assuming the unrealistic addition of only 3 minutes per trip, multiplied by 35,000 vehicles per day, is a cumulative 17,500 wasted hours per day, or over 638,000 hours per year. 
Reducing the functional efficiency of the Scajaquada will waste fuel by increased traffic congestion.
Reducing the functional efficiency of the Scajaquada will add to increased air pollution to the surrounding neighborhoods by increased traffic congestion.
Are you sick of driving 30 mph on an expressway? Do you want to preserve safe efficient transportation in Buffalo?
If you agree, we need your help. The new York State Department of Transportation needs to hear from you. The public comment period ends on February 8th. Only you can help stop this insanity. Please tell them how you feel.
Email your comments to:
Mail your comments to:
Mr. Craig Mozrall PE 
NYS Department of Transportation                       
100 Seneca Street, Buffalo, N.Y. 14203.

The telephone number of the NYS  DOT is 847-3238